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Finishing Your Dissertation

The Challenges of Dissertation Writing

Dissertations are huge projects. They are often the biggest, most extensive undertaking that a graduate student has been tasked with completing up to that point of his or her academic career. It is no surprise, then, that completing a dissertation can be challenging. Many graduate students take many years to […]

Online PhD Programs – Pros and Cons

Online graduate programs are becoming more and more popular—and this includes PhD programs. Traditional, brick-and-mortar programs have their benefits, but they also have their downsides. In the same way, online programs have their strengths and weaknesses. This article will take a basic look at online PhD programs and their pros and cons.

Pro 1: […]

Pareto Principle: Your Dissertation Is No Exception

The Pareto Principle (AKA the 80-20 rule): if you’re writing your dissertation, you’re probably accustomed to this magical ratio whether you know it or not. The Pareto Principle states that in many instances, approximately 80% of the effects result from 20% of the causes.

This handy little rule of thumb has applications in everything […]

How to Write a Dissertation in Scholarly Tone

In any written, academic undertaking, scholarly tone is of utmost importance. Tone, rigor, sources, and precision are some of the clear indicators that distinguish scholarly from popular writing. But while scholarly tone may be easy to recognize, it can be more difficult to define. What exactly is scholarly tone and why is it important?

Formality […]

The History of APA Style

Different disciplines use different style guides, with APA remaining one of the most commonly used styles.  If you’re working in one of the many fields that subscribe to the APA style guide, you might be a little more familiar with it than you’d like to be (especially if you’re writing a dissertation). But something as […]

How Long Is the Average Dissertation?

If you’re visiting, chances are that you’re beginning, working on, or finishing your dissertation. One of the difficulties of the dissertation writing process is how isolating it can be. No matter what stage of the process you find yourself in at the moment, the solitary nature of working on a dissertation may […]

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