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Write Every Day

Writing is central for both working on a dissertation and for academic careers that often follow graduate school. Writing is what moves the dissertation along to completion, what provides research with its end goal, and what lies at the heart of the old “publish or perish” adage.

Because it only takes 30 minutes of […]

Dissertation Writing Practice

At the start of my PhD program, a member of my dissertation committee told me something that I never thought would help me finish my degree: “There will come a point in your graduate school career where you will think you are dying. You will think you are so depressed that nothing can possibly […]

Clear Communication with Your Dissertation Advisor

Your relationship with your dissertation or thesis advisor is important. Both the quality of your graduate school experience and even the success of your dissertation depend a lot on how well you work with your advisor. As cliché as it is, communication is the key to any good relationship—even (or especially) an advisor/advisee relationship.

Helpful Dissertation-Writing Blogs

Writing a dissertation can be a long, lonely, difficult process. Dissertation writing is filled with highs and lows, exciting and dull stretches, moments of elation and despair. Mentors, like-minded peers, and relevant reading material (not only related to research, but to the writing process) are invaluable sources of advice and can help keep […]

Go on the Job Market – Without a Finished Dissertation?

Tackling the professional world (especially the academic one) is already challenging enough, but doing so while you are writing your dissertation is just a bad idea—or is it? Melissa Dennihy recently did just that, and wrote a detailed article about her experiences doing so with Inside Higher Ed.  Though the issue is […]

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