Monthly Archives: March 2015

What is a Dissertation Committee Supposed to Do, Anyhow?

Your dissertation committee is a team of professors who are meant to provide expertise, guidance, mentorship, and dissertation help. In most cases, your dissertation committee members will be faculty whose research is similar to your own, in topic or in approach. They may be experts on the specific topic area that you are writing […]

Dissertation Formatting Tips: Citing Digital Sources

Dissertation formatting can be challenging enough as it is – there are so many meticulous details to pay attention to, and it’s crucial to adhere to the formatting and citation style prescribed by your institution or department. Doing the job correctly can also take an extensive amount of time. It makes sense […]

Avoiding Digital Distraction while Writing Your Dissertation

It happens all too easily. One moment you’re staring at your dissertation on your computer screen, trying to work through a tough sentence or idea. You think to yourself, “I’ll just give myself a quick break and look at Facebook for a minute or two.” The next thing you know, an hour has passed. […]

Running an Effective Dissertation Writing Group

Forming a writing group is a great way to combat the feelings of isolation that can come with dissertation writing. By sharing your work in a writing group, you can get feedback in a supportive, low-stress setting. As an additional bonus, reading your peers’ dissertation work can be a great source of inspiration and […]

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