Monthly Archives: October 2015

What Next? How Writing a Dissertation Helps You Develop Real-World Career Skills

It’s that question that every grad student dreads: “What are you going to do with your PhD?” While it’s true that finding permanent jobs in academia is becoming increasingly difficult, you shouldn’t despair. Writing a dissertation is a process that teaches you practical, transferable skills that you can apply in a range of different […]

Conference Presentation Tips, Part 2: Delivering an Effective Conference Paper

Presenting your dissertation research at a conference is fun, but it can also be daunting. Not only does the content of your presentation need to be polished and perfect, but your presentation style needs to be top notch so that you make a good impression with other scholars in your field. Here are some […]

Conference Presentation Tips, Part 1: Turning a Dissertation Chapter Into a Conference Presentation

Congrats! You wrote an abstract or paper proposal based on one of your dissertation chapters, you submitted it to a conference – and you got accepted! But now the hard work begins: you need to take your dissertation chapter and transform it into a conference presentation. How can you possibly distill down all […]

How to Present Your Dissertation Research at a Poster Session

Many academic conferences offer an opportunity to present your research at a poster session. Poster sessions have been a longstanding feature of conferences in the sciences and social sciences, and are increasingly common in the humanities as well. If you’re new to academic conferences and don’t feel ready give a paper, but want an […]

Dissertation Writing Help: Organizing a Dissertation Writing Retreat

When I was writing my dissertation, I attended a dissertation writing retreat organized by a research center at my university. At the retreat, I joined about twenty other graduate students in a quiet, distraction-free space for two solid days of dissertation writing. We were provided with food, coffee, and regularly scheduled breaks when […]

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