Monthly Archives: December 2015

Dissertation Help: Finding Resources on Your Campus

As a graduate student, you may have access to more resources on your campus than you realize. When I was in graduate school, it took me a long time to discover all of the campus services that were really at my disposal, and many of them ended up providing me with a great deal […]

So You Defended Your Dissertation. Now What?

Imagine this: you’ve finished writing a dissertation. You completed your dissertation editing. Your dissertation formatting looks good, and meets all of your university’s rules and expectations. You’ve got your committee’s signatures and approval. Could it be? Yes. You survived your dissertation defense! While it might seem far off, you, too, […]

Dissertation Research Advice: Which Qualitative Analysis Software is Best For You?

Qualitative research and analysis is often used in disciplines including Psychology and the Social Sciences. Qualitative research methods include interviews, ethnographies, focus groups, analyzing text and speech, etc. If you’re writing a dissertation that draws on qualitative research, it’s likely that you may need to use computer […]

Dissertation Writing Help: Using Outlines and Concept Maps

There is nothing that I find more intimidating than the blank page staring me in the face when I sit down to start working on a new article or dissertation chapter. It’s so hard to know where to begin! I always have so many ideas floating around my head, or research finds […]

Dissertation Help: Creating the Perfect Dissertation Workspace

I often fantasize about my perfect office. It would be at the top of a tall building, and my desk would be in front of a window with a great view. My desk would be enormous, so that could spread out and still have lots of room for books and papers. There […]

Dissertation Help: Should You Write a Digital Dissertation?

The internet has opened up new possibilities for writers: we can interact with readers, combine audio and visual media with written text, and easily share work with audiences around the world. While the media has embraced these new possibilities, they also hold promise for academic writers. As a dissertation writer, you can […]

Dissertation Research Help: How to Read a Scholarly Article

When you’re doing dissertation research and preparing your literature review, you will likely need to read many scholarly articles. Scholarly or academic articles are articles that are peer-reviewed. That is to say, they’ve been vetted and approved by other scholars. You will most likely treat them as secondary sources. It’s important to read […]

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