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Mental Health While Writing Your Dissertation

We’ve written about staying physically healthy while writing your dissertation, but it’s important that you also stay mentally healthy. Graduate school is demanding and stressful, but learning to manage stress and taking active steps to nurture your mental health is crucial for success.

According to an article in The Atlantic, half of all doctoral […]

Dissertation Help: Staying Healthy While Writing Your Dissertation

Graduate programs rarely warn their students of the physical toll that dissertation writing can take. And it’s not something most students realize might be an issue. After all, dissertation writing is a largely sedentary job, not a form of manual labor. So how could it cause injury?

Well, it turns out that it can. By […]

Dissertation Research Help: Finding and Using Secondary Sources

In one recent post, we outlined how to find primary sources and how you might use them in your dissertation. Primary sources are distinct from secondary sources, another type of source that can help you in the dissertation writing process.

What are Secondary Sources?

Primary sources are, essentially, raw data and information, and the dissertation writer’s […]

Dissertation Research Help: Finding and Using Primary Sources

When you’re writing your dissertation, you will probably end up using a wide range of different research sources. These will likely include primary, secondary, and tertiary sources. In this post, we’ll explore what primary sources are, how you can find them, and most importantly, what dissertation help they can provide.

What is a Primary Source?

The […]

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