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Thoughtful Thursday: Juggling Graduate School, Work, and Parenting

We know many of you are not only working (whether it’s full- or part-time) and going to graduate school, but you’re also juggling family responsibilities. Many of us here at Dissertation Editor are also parents, and know what it’s like to maintain a delicate balance between work, school, and parenting. The good news is, […]

Choosing a Theoretical Framework

Without a theoretical framework, your dissertation can read as unfocused and unmoored – as if you’re floundering for rationale, or are lost within your research, without a clear path. It’s important to have a strong theoretical framework because it’s the blueprint, or skeleton, of the paper. We often have clients asking for help choosing […]

Formatting Friday: The Chicago Manual of Style

Another one of the main types of formatting styles used by our clients is Chicago, or The Chicago Manual of Style, abbreviated as CMoS or CMS. First published in 1906 by the University of Chicago Press, it is one of the most widely used writing and citation styles in the country. Currently in its […]

Thoughtful Thursday: the Importance of Connection

When we’re stressed or swamped with work and on deadline, it’s natural to hole ourselves up in our house or office to try and make a dent in the pile of papers, or to meet all of the deadlines on time. For some people, during times […]

Writing Your Dissertation: Finding the Gap

You have your topic, your research questions (or at least a general idea of what they might be), and now you’re faced with a literature review. Many clients come to us with questions about “finding the gap in the literature.” Either they are confused about the term, or they don’t know how to go […]

Formatting Friday: MLA Style



If you’re studying the humanities, especially subjects like Comp Lit, criticism, or English, you’re probably familiar with MLA style. The Modern Language Association (MLA) has published two books about MLA formatting: The MLA Style Manual and The MLA Handbook. For all their similarities, the two are […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Diet and Stress

The end of the semester is coming up, and you’re stressing about your next due date for your dissertation work, you’ve got work deadlines, and you’re juggling the daily responsibilities of family, too – no wonder you’re feeling the stress! We can help with editing, […]

Formatting Friday: Intro to American Medical Association formatting


Many clients of ours are working on scholarly articles for health or medical journals, and sometimes these journals specify that they require AMA style. The AMA Manual of Style, now in its 10th Edition (with updates found here), is the style guide of the […]

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