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Tips for Summertime Dissertation Motivation

The summer is (finally) sneaking up on us – barbeques, longer days full of sunshine and swimming and relaxing, and plans with family and friends. While it can be helpful to take time (think one day, not one month) to take a breather from work, using the summer as an excuse to stall work […]

Formatting Friday: AP Style

AP style, not to be confused with APA, is the style used in The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, commonly known as the AP Stylebook. First published in 1953, the AP Stylebook was created by journalists working for the Associated Press, in order to standardize mass communications. The book contains […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Best Apps for Health and Stress Reduction

Life is busy with graduate school, dissertation research and writing, work obligations, family obligations — oh, and somewhere in there, you’re supposed to sleep, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and keep your stress low. We get that your schedule is packed to the brim, but staying healthy (both physically and mentally) is important. […]

How to Write a Resume or CV

Applying for a new job can be stressful, and often, the key to getting your foot in the door for a second look or an interview is a well-organized, thoughtful resume or CV. A good resume or CV will provide a snapshot of your experience, education, and professional interests, but it can be intimidating […]

Plagiarism: What it Is, and How to Avoid It

One of the most common inquiries we get from graduate students is whether we can check for plagiarism; another common type of email is that of a student wanting us to go over the TurnItIn report and “fix” the plagiarism that was found. Addressing these issues is complex, and while we can assist you […]

Formatting Friday: Turabian

Kate L. Turabian was the dissertation secretary at the graduate school at the University of Chicago from 1930 – 1958, in addition to being the editor of official publications of the University. While in this position, she wrote up a small guide about the correct style for the dissertations, which eventually became A […]

Thoughtful Thursday: 5 Tips for Stress Reduction

We’ve done a post on self-care tips, and though this one might overlap a bit, with finals and the end of the semester coming up, having plenty of tools in your toolbox to cope with stress is never a bad thing. We can help reduce your stress over editing, revising, formatting, […]

Commencement Speeches That Will Inspire You

Graduation season is approaching, and schools often get leaders in various fields to give commencement addresses. Some are better than others, to say the least. If you need some inspiration to push through to the end of the semester or are looking for reassurance as you start the next chapter of your life, check […]

Formatting Friday: ASA Basics

ASA (American Sociological Association) style is typically used in the field of sociology to help students and authors prepare papers and manuscripts for ASA journals and other publications. The style guide is officially called The ASA Style Guide, and is currently in its 5th Edition, last published in 2014 by the American Sociological […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Anxiety about Writing

Anxiety during graduate school is normal, and a small amount of anxiety can actually be healthy. However, if it starts interfering with work, daily routine, or mood, it can be a sign of a problem. We’ll address general anxiety in another post, but something we hear fairly often are complaints about writing anxiety. Clients […]

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