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Dissertation Writing Tips: Tightening up Your Academic Writing

When editors write things like “tighten this up!” or talk about “tightening up” during a consultation, they’re not referring to physical fitness! Tightening up a piece of writing, whether it’s academic or creative, means cutting the excess, streamlining the ideas, and getting to the point. It’s a byproduct of good editing and revising, and […]

Dissertation Writing Tips: How to Improve and Strengthen Your Writing

Nathaniel Hawthorne once said “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” He was right, of course. Good writing takes time and practice, and even if you have a natural inclination toward writing, it’s still not easy. Academic writing, creative writing, scientific writing – none of it comes effortlessly, but there are ways to strengthen your […]

Need a Break? Check out these Movies Based on Books

As we’ve mentioned previously, all work and no relaxation is never a good thing. Sometimes we need to step away from the writing and research for a few hours and do something fun: go for a walk, a swim, take a nap, volunteer – anything. It’s also a good idea to hang out […]

How to Increase Your Productivity

We’ve all heard people talking about being morning people or night owls – and with that, comes varying differences in productive times for different people. Some of us work best in the morning, while others really start cranking it out after everyone else is in bed. It’s completely normal for different people to have […]

Thoughtful Thursday: The Benefits of Music

Anyone who’s ever exercised or runs knows that music can be a big motivator. A long run can feel a lot shorter when you have the right music playing on your headphones, and even a night out dancing can fly by if there’s a great soundtrack. Music can also help with stress and […]

Finding and Maintaining your Motivation during the Dissertation Process

Most people writing a dissertation have heard the comparisons to a “marathon, not a sprint.” While that’s not wrong, sometimes that’s not entirely helpful, either. Yes, it is a test of perseverance and dedication, of endurance and prolonged concentration and effort. You might feel, at multiple points throughout the process, that you want to […]

Dissertation Writing: Commonly Misused Words

Writing well is hard, no doubt about it. English can be confusing, especially if it’s not your first language. In the course of editing, our editors often make word changes to manuscripts because clients use the wrong version of a word. Many of these are homophones, or words that sound the same but are […]

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