Monthly Archives: September 2018

How to Beat Writer’s Block

Ah, the dreaded writer’s block. It happens to all of us at some point. Whether you’re working on a book, a paper, your dissertation, or a work project, sometimes you just get stuck. This is normal. Every student and writer has, at some point, faced writer’s block. The good news is that it’s not […]

In the News: Penn Will Be the First of the Ivies to Offer an Online Bachelor’s Degree

The University of Pennsylvania will become the first Ivy League school to offer an online Bachelor’s degree, starting next fall. Specifically designed for non-traditional students, the degree will be a bachelor of applied arts and sciences, through Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences’ College of Liberal and Professional Studies, which caters to […]

Dissertation Writing Tips: Writing Transitions

Many clients come to Dissertation Editor with notes from the professor that say “choppy,” or they’re told that their ideas need to flow better. What the professor is often referring to is the need for better, more effective transitions. In academic writing, these are especially important because transitions help you forge connections between […]

Returning to School as a Non-Traditional Student

Maybe you’re returning to school after taking some time off to start and raise a family. Maybe you’re changing careers. Maybe you’re going back for an advanced degree in your area after working in the field for decades. Maybe you’re simply going back because the time is finally right. There are many, many reasons […]

Dissertation Writing Tips: How to Paraphrase

Avoiding plagiarism is a central focus when you’re writing your dissertation, and part of that involves paraphrasing the research you read. You don’t want to rely too heavily on direct quotes, because then you’d simply be copying things other people have written without adding your own interpretation or thoughts, and it gets clunky […]

How to Make the Most out of Your Graduate School Experience

Graduate school is a unique experience and though it’s cliché, it really is what you make of it. Whether you’re attending an in-person program, low-residency program, or completely online program, it’s important to make the most of it, no matter what that might look like for you. Some people will join all the graduate […]

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