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Managing Stress During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…with the holidays around the corner and the end of the semester upon us, there’s a lot to look forward to – but this time of year might also come with stressors. There are finals, graduations and concerns about employment, and family holiday stress. Just one of […]

Dissertation Writing Tips: Helpful Writing Software

We know that the best advice to get started with writing is just to write. But there are definitely tools that help make the process less arduous (see our favorite books about writing here). Writing software is one of those tools. Such software can help you organize your ideas and notes, as well […]

Gratitude as Stress Reduction

Thanksgiving is coming up here in the States, and it’s natural for everyone to take stock of things they’re grateful for around this time, as well as in December, when the holidays are in full swing. While on some level, most of us are thankful for our blessings all year, making a conscious effort […]

How to Construct an Effective Poster Presentation

If you decide to present your research at a conference, you might have to prepare a poster presentation. While it might seem easy at first glance, there are some tricks of the trade to help make your poster presentation effective and interesting. The point of a poster presentation is to allow you to […]

4 Ways a Professional Editor Can Help Save You Time and Money

We get it – as a graduate student, you don’t have a ton of disposable income, and so you’re careful about how you spend your money. At first, it might seem like a professional editor is a luxury expense that you don’t really need, but it can be quite the opposite: a practical expense […]

Organizing Your Dissertation: A Reverse Outline

You’re probably familiar with using an outline to help plan your thesis or dissertation, but what about a reverse outline? A reverse outline is usually used to check your work. It lets you strip down your paper into the main points you’re trying to make, and gives you a pared down look at the […]

What It’s Like to Work With a Ghostwriter

We often see books by famous people, or books in a series that come out so often that you’re hard-pressed to believe that one person is actually writing them. Many people work with what’s known as a ghostwriter for their books. Sometimes ghostwriters are credited, sometimes not – as in, “written by Famous Person […]

How to Utilize National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Even for Your Dissertation!

It’s November, and it’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Although it was developed for people writing novels, many people use it to write nonfiction. You can even modify it to help you with your dissertation work. The general gist is that on November 1, people who decide to participate start working on writing […]

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