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Our Team

We are a team of project managers, editors, consultants, and analysts who collaboratively provide a comprehensive suite of first-class academic services.

The ethos and expertise we bring to our work is reflective of our diverse doctoral backgrounds and experience in top-tier institutions of higher education. Indeed, as a prerequisite for work with our firm, we stipulate that every team member hold a PhD or advanced degree and have received that degree from one of the CCHIE-rated Research I or II Institutions of Higher Learning.

Our staff are not only practicing scholars, writers, educators, and researchers in their respective fields, but are proven editors and formatters who have helped hundreds of students through the dissertation process. As such, we as a collective are well-versed in the complexities and requirements of advanced higher education and are uniquely experienced in helping usher doctoral candidates through the taxing process of dissertation development and finalization. We are delighted to commit ourselves to support you and your students accordingly.

Management Team

Editors and Consultants

With over 50 doctorates on our staff of editors and statisticians, we can typically match you with an expert in your field of study. 

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