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How to Write a Teaching Philosophy

If you’re going into academia – teaching, especially – then at some point you’ve likely been asked to write a statement of your teaching philosophy. If you’re stumped, you’re in good company – these aren’t easy to write, but most teaching jobs at the college level require it. While it can be challenging to […]

Dealing With a Difficult Adviser or Chair

In a perfect world, your dissertation adviser or Chair would always read and return emails promptly, provide unwavering support and expert guidance that always hits the mark. Their edits will be illuminating, clearly done, and propel you to the next part of your paper. Of course, our advisers and Chairs are only human, and […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Graduate Students

Happy New Year! It’s tradition for many people to make resolutions at the start of the new year, but so many times they fall by the wayside by the time January ends. As a grad student, why not use this opportunity to make some resolutions that are practical and can help you with your […]

Study Skills Tips

Let me guess: you looked at the blog topic and thought, study skills? CLEARLY, I know how to study and study well; I wouldn’t have made it to graduate school if I didn’t. Well….maybe, maybe not. Graduate school is different than college, with the demands being different and most likely, your life circumstances are […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Books About Science that Everyone Should Read

It’s the tail end of winter break for many of you, and hopefully you’ve been able to take at least some time off from writing and research and enjoy some free time, get some sleep, get outside and play in the snow, or do some “pleasure reading.” It can be fun to read something […]

The Benefits of Journaling in Graduate School

When was the last time you journaled? For many of us, it was as angsty teens, or kids who kept a diary. But did you know that journaling can be a beneficial tool for graduate students? Keeping a daily (or regular) journal can allow you to jot down notes you don’t want to forget, […]

Dissertation Writing Tips: Getting out of ABD Status

You’ve probably seen people sign their emails “So-and-so, PhD, ABD.” Don’t do that. You are either a PhD candidate or a PhD, not a “PhD ABD.” It’s not only incorrect and potentially falsifying credentials, but it also looks unprofessional – without the dissertation, you are simply not a PhD (or PsyD, ScD, or EdD). […]

Thoughtful Thursday: Getting Enough Sleep

We’ve posted a lot of blogs on self-care: we’ve tackled mindfulness, diet, aromatherapy, stress reduction, and more, but one thing we haven’t discussed is sleep. Ah, sleep – that elusive thing that many of us don’t get nearly enough of, especially as graduate students. Believe me, as a parent, I […]

How to Create an Effective PowerPoint

A well-done PowerPoint can be a powerful thing. It can engage a crowd, teach students, convey your hard-won research findings, and help disseminate knowledge. The line between a good PowerPoint and a bad one, however, is one that is often crossed. Many clients come to us for assistance with their thesis or dissertation PowerPoints, […]

Graduate Student Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the holidays are coming up, and no matter what you celebrate, if you have loved ones who are grad students, you might be wondering what to get them. (Alternatively, grad students, feel free to print this out and “accidentally” leave it around for people to see…). Whatever […]

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