Dissertation-to-Book Conversion

Don’t have the time to rewrite your dissertation into a book?

Let us do it for you!

Transforming your dissertation into a publishable book can be a daunting task. While your book will reflect the same themes and arguments as your dissertation, major revisions are necessary to ensure that your manuscript is readable, compelling, and accessible to a wider audience than your dissertation committee.

We can rework your rigid scholarly text into captivating prose that is not only publishable, but can be shared with and enjoyed by your colleagues, friends, and family.

Books that Are Both Scholarly and Accessible

Converting a dissertation into a book requires a specialized type of editor who is both a scholar and a gifted creative writer. If the editor lacks the ability to appeal to a broader audience or is overly technical in their approach, your book will end up being a rigid text that no one will want to read. Conversely, a purely creative editor may struggle to comprehend your higher-level concepts and thus fail to accurately synthesize your dissertation into a book.

Our dissertation-to-book specialists offer the perfect balance of a rigorous scholar and a gifted wordsmith.

Flexible Process

We can work with you in a variety of ways to develop your dissertation into a compelling book. We’ll first review and discuss your dissertation with you in detail and determine an effective plan of action based on your budget and specific needs. Our services include a range of options from basic editing to completely rewriting your dissertation for you.

Our Service Include, but Are Not Limited to:

  • Removing, rewriting, or clarifying specialized terms
  • Formatting and typesetting per various academic and non-academic presses
  • Restructuring content to make it more readable and accessible
  • Revisions to tone, voice, flow, and more
  • Rewriting existing content
  • Ghostwriting new content