Dissertation Proposal Services by PhDs

With your coursework completed, departmental requirements fulfilled, and comprehensive exams passed, it’s time for the single most important document (other than your actual dissertation) of your graduate education—the dissertation proposal or prospectus.

Writing a compelling and effective proposal can become a major obstacle to your graduate progress if not done correctly. Our team of PhDs can assist you through every step of the dissertation proposal-writing process and help save you time and frustration.

PhD-Level Consultation

Our PhD-level editors and consultants have been through the dissertation proposal-writing process themselves and know what you are going through and what your committee is expecting from you. We can help guide you through the critical planning and research phase, as well as provide in-depth consultation throughout the entire writing process.

Our proposal consultation services include:

  • Determining the state of current scholarship in your field
  • Assessing how your study can contribute to the existing scholarship
  • Choosing an effective methodology
  • Compiling and organizing your research
  • Structure and organization
  • Editing and revising your writing to ensure it is concise, scholarly, and free of error

Proposal Editing Services

Editing your proposal is one of the most important steps of the dissertation process. You have the beginnings of a strong scholastic argument and do not want the force of your proposal weakened by poor organization, grammatical errors, or awkward phrasing. Our editors will ensure that your proposal is clear, error-free, and effective.

Our editing services include:

  • Meticulous proofreading
  • Improvements to syntax, grammar, organization, and structure
  • Critical feedback and consultation on the strength of your proposal’s content

Proposal Formatting Services

See our Formatting page for more information

Formatting is a stumbling block for many graduate students. Style guidelines are often extensive and confusing, adding a great deal of time and frustration to your proposal-writing process. We can lessen the formatting burden for you by adjusting all aspects of your proposal per the required style guide. Our team includes specialists in APA 6th Edition, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, ASA, AMA, Vancouver, and Bluebook manuals of style. We know how to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your proposal meets your committee’s requirements.

Our dissertation formatting services include adjustments to…

  • Margins and layout
  • Citations, footnotes, and references
  • Fonts, typography, spacing, and line spacing
  • Heading, headers, running heads, and pagination
  • Tables, figures, graphs, charts, and appendices
  • Table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures
  • Any other typographical issue pertaining to a particular manual of style.