PhD-Level Research Services

We offer two categories of research services: (1) research assistance to help doctoral candidates with their own dissertation-writing process; (2) research and original writing services for post-graduates, professionals, scholars, businesses, or various research-intensive projects that are not intended for academic submission.

Dissertation Research Services

Our dissertation research services include locating, organizing, and summarizing relevant scholarly sources. While we will not partake in any form of plagiarism or academic dishonesty, we can save you considerable time and energy by assimilating and summarizing research for you to then analyze and utilize independently for the purpose of writing your dissertation. Once you have finished developing content based on our research, we can then review the writing and provide detailed consultation and feedback.

PhD-Level Research for Professionals & Scholars

We are an elite team of PhDs who can provide the highest level of research and scholarly writing. Our staff is composed of specialists from a variety of subject areas, including clinical psychology, social psychology, history, archaeology, medicine, philosophy, linguistics, art history, religious studies, theology, anthropology, business, and many more. Please call us to discuss which of our researchers would best suit your specific needs.

Common Orders Include:

-Statistical analysis (see our stats page)
-Ghostwriting scholarly articles
-Medical research
-Historical and archival research