Qualitative analysis refers to the analysis of non quantitative data. An ever popular data analysis method in social sciences and liberal arts, it is a method of analysis that is growing in popularity with disciplines which are traditionally more quantitative.

Our services pertinent to qualitative data covers the lifecycle of data planning, gathering, and analysis. We have experts in all realms of qualitative analysis: phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory, and case study. We are here to help you finalize your methods, construct a data collection protocol, complete a pilot study, prepare for field work, and analyze your data through state of the art computer aided qualitative data analysis software.

Qualitative methodology covers a wide array of techniques. At DE we have expertise in the areas of case study research, focus group, interviews, phenomenology, ethnography, story telling, and participant observations. Schedule a phone consultation with our qualitative experts for valuable information on identifying the technique that would best fit your research queries and framework.

Data protocol/ Instrument Development

Are you planning a focus group or conducting interviews for your dissertation? If so, then you need a sequence of questions that follow the logic of your inquiry, are non-threatening to your participants, and can be executed efficiently and successfully. Our expert methodologists can help ensure that you are sufficiently prepared for your interviews and focus groups, and that you are asking the kinds of questions that will most effectively address your main research questions.

Data Analysis

All qualitative data requires coding to prepare it for meaningful analysis. In simple terms, coding can be understood as classifying or tagging text data. By applying a coding scheme, qualitative analysis generates variables, which can be used in descriptive and inferential analysis.

The coding scheme may be developed in consultation with the data (inductive approach), or arrived at through the theoretical/conceptual framework adopted for the research study (deductive approach). In most cases, a mix of these approaches is used to arrive at a customized coding scheme specific to your data set and research questions.

Analysis of qualitative data may take the form of extracting relevant quotes, to creating a cross tabulation matrix to explore code associations. The method of analysis will depend on your research questions, and the variety of data.

Our Process

Upon receiving your data (interviews, notes, surveys, transcripts), our consultant will review the data and recommend the process for going forward with your qualitative analysis. Once the review is complete, you will receive a recommended plan of action, along with a price quote.