What is data analysis?

Data analysis is a five step process.  The first step is to define your question clearly.  The second step is to determine how you are going to measure each component of your question.  The third step is to locate data that meets your measurement definition and prepare it appropriately. The fourth step is to analyze your data using an analysis appropriate for your measurement definition and data.  The fifth step is to interpret your results.

What parts of the data analysis process do you help with? 

We can help with any or all of these steps!  We’re happy to work through each of the five steps with you or to support you with any particular step as needed.  It is important to realize, however, that all five steps work together to produce an end product that leads to a successful defense.  For example, we can’t assist you with step three until the goals of steps one and two are accomplished.

I just want to finish my dissertation.  Can I skip some steps? 

Each step in the data analysis corresponds to underlying mathematical realities of statistical analysis.  If any of the steps are omitted or incomplete, the final analysis will not work and you will not pass your defense.

My committee already approved my questions/data/analysis when I passed my proposal so I don’t have to worry about those anymore right?

We will make every effort to follow the plan of the proposal.  It is important to remember though that it is a proposal!  Information uncovered during the data analysis process may require altering the proposal.  The mathematical realities of statistical analysis simply cannot be ignored.

How long does it take to finish an analysis?

It usually takes 5 business days from the time we complete step 3 until we deliver your results.  Prior to completing step 3 our process may be more of a conversation as we will need input from you to define your questions, measurement, and data set clearly.

I just have a few questions that I need answered and then I will conduct my analysis myself.  Can you help me with those? 

Sure!  We offer free consultations for up to 15 minutes with a Statistical Analysis expert on a phone call or via email.  After that, our standard rate for consultation is $130.00 for the first hour, $110.00 for the second hour.

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