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The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation often referred to simply as The Bluebook—is the most widely used legal citation system in the United States. The majority of U.S. law schools and U.S. federal courts use The Bluebook; however, its diverse and often-updated guidelines make it an intimidating style guide for both newcomers and experienced members of the law profession.

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Our Bluebook Style Formatting and Editing Services Include:

  • Editing for proper structure and use of citations for cases, statutes, articles, reports, periodicals, constitutions, books, treatises, electronic resources, and administrative, executive, and legislative materials
  • Formatting for capitalization, abbreviations, acronyms, numerals, symbols, italicization, typeface, quotations, and official titles per Bluebook
  • Proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation per Bluebook
  • Heavy editing for clarity, diction, flow, and scholarly tone
  • Formatting or developing tables, figures, graphs, and charts per Bluebook
  • Margins, fonts, pagination, and other typographical issues
  • PhD-level feedback and consultation on the strength of your content

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Bluebook formatting is complex. We have several editors with law backgrounds who specialize in Bluebook formatting who can help those who are less experienced with Bluebook formatting requirements.

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Operations Manager

Hiring a Bluebook Expert Will Save You Time and Frustration

The Bluebook includes the introductory “Bluepages” that outline the basic guidelines for everyday citations, such as those used by law students and elementary legal professionals. The majority of The Bluebook, however, is written and presented in the style and level of complexity comparable to that of the law journal publication process. Our highly skilled team of Ivy League PhDs includes experts in Bluebook legal citation with decades of professional editing, formatting, and legal experience. Avoid the hassle of learning or refreshing your familiarity with the ever-changing Bluebook guidelines; leave the details to our legal experts.

Comprehensive Editing Services

In addition to Bluebook formatting services, we also offer comprehensive and meticulous editing services for dissertations and theses. From basic copy editing for punctuation to comprehensive revisions, our expert editors will revise your content to ensure it’s well written and free of error.

One-on-One Consultation

Are you struggling with the development of your dissertation or thesis? Our PhD-level consultants can provide detailed feedback, critical review, and step-by-step guidance on all aspects of your dissertation or thesis. We can provide comprehensive written consultation as well one-on-one tutoring over the phone, Skype, or in person. Learn more about our consultation services here.

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