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Copy Editing

Includes proofreading and basic formatting, plus minor improvements to grammar and syntax. Copy editing works at the sentence-level to improve scholarly tone and flow, but does not include the critical feedback of our Line Editing service. This service is for well-written dissertations that require minimal changes. Highly recommended for students who have already defended their dissertations.

“I have no complaints. The turnaround time was fast and the price was fair. My manuscript reads much better, more scholarly now! I am very happy with the edited product and I would use Dissertation Editor in the future. I would also recommend Dissertation Editor to my colleagues and friends!”

Conrad Q.

Editing that corrects for both objective errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors in academic style, voice, clarity, diction, and sentence-level flow.

Copy Editing:

  1. Corrects objective errors: grammar, spelling, punctuation
  2. Corrects stylistic or rhetorical errors: style, voice, clarity, diction, flow,

As with all our editing services, copy editing fees are based on the word count of the prose in need of editing.  For details about our pricing methods, please refer to our Rates and Pricing page.

Standard rates for Copy Editing: $0.0275 – $0.0375 per word.

See a sample of our copy editing services here.

I recommend our copy editing services when a student’s ideas and argument are convincing, but they are having trouble expressing the ideas in a way that flows, yet maintains a scholarly tone.

Dr. Sara Cole
Academic Consultant

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