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Corrects only typos, spelling mistakes, and objective grammatical errors. This service is for dissertations that have already been edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy. Proofreading is frequently combined with our formatting services for final presentation of a completed dissertation.

“Motivation came back after speaking with the editor and understanding what was needed to move forward with my work. I will continue to use this service until completion as their expertise was a welcomed change to my past experiences.”

Andrea M.

Proofing of your document that corrects all objectiver errors in English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Most appropriate for students or scholars who are seeking a final technical polish of a document before submitting to a university or publisher.


  1. Corrects objective errors: grammar, spelling, punctuation

As with all our editing services, proofreading fees are based on the word count of the prose in need of editing.  For details about our pricing methods, please refer to our Rates and Pricing page.

Standard rates for Proofreading: $0.0175 – $0.0275 per word.

See a sample of our proofreading services here.

It is very rewarding to be able to conduct final reviews of students’ dissertations to make sure they are completely free from error, before their final submissions.

Dr. Kady Bell-Garcia
Managing Editor

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