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Quantitative Analysis

For many PhD students, data analysis—including methodology, statistical analysis, and data preparation—is the most daunting and frustrating aspect of the dissertation-writing process.

“I used Dissertation Editor after rough experience with another dissertation company and I found them to be far more timely, professional, and reliable than the other service I tried. With the other service I had to constantly remind my statistician to email me my results by the date she specified, but I didn’t have to worry about that with Dissertation Editor. It was a huge relief to find a professional and punctual service and to complete my dissertation on time!”

Emily P.

Our experienced team of statisticians and research analysts can help you through every step of the process, including preparing your methodology, reviewing your results, and analyzing the scientific data.

Our statisticians are adept in a variety of advanced statistical methods and softwares and use their experience to ensure you fully understand your analyses and that you are prepared to defend them. Our stats experts will provide you with the charts and graphs that you need for your dissertation and work with you one-on-one until you grasp the rationale, results, and implications of your data.

Our clients have diverse data analysis needs. Some students simply require a particular analysis to be conducted, while others desire varying degrees of support in understanding and interpreting their analysis and results. We offer three different levels of service in order to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. If you are unsure as to which service you may need, please give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your options with you. 

We recommend you visit our Frequently Asked Questions page before purchasing any analysis to be sure you are well acquainted with the nature of the services you are purchasing.

Our clients are usually relieved to hear that our statisticians will not only run the analysis for them, but will also help to ensure they are able to understand and interpret the results.

Dr. Adrienne Dougherty
VP Statistics and Data Analysis

Our Packages

Basic Analysis

Our basic analysis package includes an analysis conducted on appropriately formatted data you provide.  You receive the results of the analysis as the outcome of this package. The results will be the outputs of the software used to conduct the analysis (SPSS, SAS, R, Nvivo, AMOS, etc.). This package is for clients who have a complete understanding of the analysis they are requesting and the ability to understand the results without any assistance. 

Standard Analysis

Our standard analysis package includes all services provided in the basic analysis package, with the addition of a written report of your results, including relevant tables and graphs, and two hours of dedicated time with your personal statistician. You may use these hours for phone consultations in order to understand/determine which tests should be run and why, or to go over the results in detail and discuss their interpretation or implications for your research. You may also choose to allocate this time for additional work requests, to annotate your results files with explanations, or for any combination of these activities.  

Full Support Analysis

Our full support analysis package includes comprehensive support for the entire process of data analysis. Services include:

  • Planning and preparation consultation
  • Developing statistical considerations (statistical hypotheses, statistical methods, appropriate analytic techniques, and sample size justification) for dissertation proposals
  • Reviewing methodologies, survey instruments, and datasets
  • Data cleaning and formatting
  • Statistical analysis of data, including concise written reports with appropriate tables and graphs
  • Utilizing statistical software packages, including SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, LISREL/AMOS/EQS for structural equation modeling and others.
  • Consultation on interpreting and reporting statistical procedures
  • Troubleshooting issues with in-progress analyses
  • Reviewing your results and interpretation
  • Developmental editing to method and results chapters
  • Formatting your statistical results
  • Assistance with preparing for your oral defense
  • Reviewing and interpreting committee feedback
  • PhD-level feedback and consultation on the strength of your content

Have Questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Analysis

What is data analysis?

Data analysis is a five step process. The first step is to define your question clearly. The second step is to determine how you are going to measure each component of your question. The third step is to locate data that meets your measurement definition and prepare it appropriately. The fourth step is to analyze your data using an analysis appropriate for your measurement definition and data.  The fifth step is to interpret your results.

What parts of the data analysis process do you help with? 

We can help with any or all of these steps! We’re happy to work through each of the five steps with you or to support you with any particular step as needed. It is important to realize, however, that all five steps work together to produce an end product that leads to a successful defense. For example, we can’t assist you with step three until the goals of steps one and two are accomplished.

I just want to finish my dissertation.  Can I skip some steps? 

Each step in the data analysis corresponds to underlying mathematical realities of statistical analysis. If any of the steps are omitted or incomplete, the final analysis will not work and you will not pass your defense.

My committee already approved my questions/data/analysis when I passed my proposal so I don’t have to worry about those anymore right?

We will make every effort to follow the plan of the proposal. It is important to remember though that it is a proposal! Information uncovered during the data analysis process may require altering the proposal. The mathematical realities of statistical analysis simply cannot be ignored.

How long does it take to finish an analysis?

It usually takes 5 business days from the time we complete step 3 until we deliver your results. Prior to completing step 3 our process may be more of a conversation as we will need input from you to define your questions, measurement, and data set clearly.

I just have a few questions that I need answered and then I will conduct my analysis myself.  Can you help me with those? 

Sure! We offer consultations with a Statistical Analysis expert on a phone call or via email. Our standard rate for consultation is $130.00 for the first hour, $110.00 for the second hour.

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