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Research Assistance

We offer two categories of research services: (1) research assistance to help doctoral candidates with their own dissertation-writing process; (2) research and original writing services for post-graduates, professionals, scholars, businesses, or various research-intensive projects that are not intended for academic submission.

“Dissertation Editor’s services have been an integral part of my journey as a successful candidate for a doctoral degree in Education.”

Marisol R.

Research Services for Masters and Doctoral Students

For advanced graduate students, our research services include locating, organizing, and summarizing scholarly sources which are relevant to their research projects. We can provide an annotated bibliography for you in a doctoral editors finds peer-reviewed sources relevant to your project, reads them in detail, and then writes 150-word summaries of how each resource may be helpful to your project. This will enable you to identify clearly what gaps are in the literature and decide which sources to cite when backing up your arguments. You wouldn’t be able to paste these summaries into your dissertation, as that would be plagiarism; however, you can use them as a tool to write up your review of the literature much more quickly. This is often particularly helpful for students who need to have X number of sources published in the last 5 years and currently need to update and expand their references to meet that criteria. When we make your bibliography for you, we can ensure that it meets whatever criteria you require.

This service is not designed to replace your own research process, but rather to support it by helping you chart a path through the wealth of existing scholarship and focus your work going forward.  Thus, this service can save you considerable time and energy by assimilating and summarizing research for you to then analyze and utilize independently for the purpose of writing your dissertation. Once you have finished developing content based on our research, we can then review the writing and provide detailed analysis and feedback as part of our line editing or heavy editing service.  

Rates for this annotated bibliography service begin at $50.00 per source, with discounts on larger orders. See our Rates and Pricing page for a full breakdown of discount options.

One of the first and most important steps in the research process is to identify a gap in the literature. An annotated bibliography is a delightfully systematic way to begin that process.

Dr. Anna Malik
Operations Manager

Research Services for Professionals and Scholars

We are an elite team of PhDs who can provide the highest level of research and scholarly writing. Our staff is composed of specialists from a variety of subject areas, including clinical psychology, social psychology, history, archaeology, medicine, philosophy, linguistics, art history, religious studies, theology, anthropology, business, and many more. For more information, please see our Publication Assistance page.

Common orders include:

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