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What is the benefit of using a firm like yours, rather than a freelance editor?

There are several advantages to doing business with a professional firm instead of a freelancer. Here are just a few:

Quality: Dissertations are our specialty. Every day, our full-time all-PhD staff review, edit, and format dissertations. Not only are our dissertation editors and consultants experienced, but each one was hired through a rigorous screening process to ensure that you receive the highest level of quality services. A freelancer can say whatever they want about themselves and their abilities; we’ve trained and tested our staff to ensure that they are truly experts at what they do.

No Missed Deadlines: Freelancers are notorious for missing deadlines or disappearing after payment. A freelancer can only take on a few projects at a time, and if they become too busy, they may not prioritize your order over other clients’ orders. With a professional firm, you’re assured that your deadline will be met. If your editor or consultant becomes ill or is unable to complete the order, we can simply replace them with another one of our staff.

Flexibility: Every person is unique and comes with their own personality and stylistic preferences. If you find that you’re not connecting with your editor or consultant, we can replace them with another one to ensure that you’re completely comfortable. This is done at no cost to you.

Longevity: We will be here for you today, next month, and for years to come—as long as you need us.

Are your services confidential?

Yes, absolutely. All of your interactions and the work that we do for you are 100% confidential. We are happy to send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you submit any of your work to us.

Are you willing to sign a contract?

Of course! Once we agree to general terms, we will gladly draft a contract and send it to you for review and approval.

How long does it take to edit a dissertation or thesis?

Turnarounds can vary per the complexity of the order. However, we will always provide you with an exact turnaround before you proceed with your order. Typically, documents containing fewer than 50 pages will take 5 business days to edit, whereas full-length dissertations (100-250 pages) typically take 7-12 business days. We can often expedite our services, though rush fees may apply.

What if I no longer wish to work with my assigned editor or consultant?

Our editors are talented and professional, but sometimes two people’s personal styles simply do not match. The first step is to inform us about the problem. Most editors can adjust their style and approach to meet your expectations. However, if you find that your editor is still not meeting your expectations, we will exchange them with another editor until you are satisfied.

How do “free revisions” work?

Free revisions work in two ways: (1) If there are objective errors remaining in the text or formatting, we will revise free of charge; (2) if you make minor edits to your document in response to our comments, we will review and edit these for you free of charge. NOTE: In order for us to review your changes, you must highlight or track them so that they are easily visible. If you add more than 200 words of total content, we will charge only for the additional content at the same per-word billing rate.

What if there are errors left in the edited copy?

While no edit is ever 100% perfect, typographical errors should be very rare. If you find any errors in your document, simply return the dissertation as soon as possible and we will fix the errors free of charge.

How do I know what level of editing will work best for my material?

Feel free to e-mail your dissertation to us and we’ll review and provide feedback on which type of editing may work best for you.

May I receive a sample edit of my own work?

Yes, absolutely! Please send us some of your material and we will edit one page free of charge. This will provide you with a good sense of our editorial style. The typical turnaround on a sample edit is one or two days.

Will you write my dissertation for me?

Absolutely not. We unequivocally refuse to write content for academic submission and will not support plagiarism or academic dishonesty of any kind.

Do you have any samples?

Can I meet with my editor in person?

Most orders do not require in-person meetings. However, we can often schedule in-person meetings for projects that are particularly large or involved.

May I speak with my editor or writer over the phone or Skype?

Of course! is focused on providing the absolute best in customer service. Our editor in chief is always available to you by phone, and most of our editing packages include direct communication with your editor.

How does payment work?

We offer a wide range of payment plans, though a deposit is always due upfront to initiate your order. We accept credit cards, checks by mail, PayPal, and bank wire transfers. Please note that if you are paying via check, we will wait until it clears the bank before moving forward with your order.

Is editing my dissertation or thesis considered cheating?

Absolutely not! Many professors expect their students to seek professional editing assistance to ensure that the text is free of technical errors and properly formatted. The service we provide focuses on improving the mechanics and clarity of your content rather than writing original work—which would be considered plagiarism.

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