Below please find out list of standard quantitative analyses and their associated prices.  Our standard analysis package includes all services provided in the basic analysis package with the addition of two hours of dedicated time with your personal statistician. Please note that our standard analysis assumes that you have properly developed and operationalized research questions and data for the analysis you request.  If you need help with your research questions, data, or analysis selection you may use your two hours of dedicated statistician time for that purpose.  Your time may be used in phone consultation, to complete additional work requests, to annotate your results files with explanations, or for any combination of these activities.  Please be sure to visit our FAQ page before purchasing a package. A partial list of available standard analyses is available below:

Quantitative Analysis Standard Pricing:

T-test: $390.00

Paired t-test: $390.00

Chi-square test (4×4): $480.00

ANOVA (3 levels): $560.00

ANCOVA (1 Covariate): $710.00

MANOVA (2 DV, 3 IV): $860.00

Repeated Measures ANOVA (3 interventions/time points): $560.00

Factor Analysis: $600

Cluster Analysis: $260.00 + $110.00/ hour spent

Power Analysis: $250.00

Linear Regression (single IV): $440.00+ $90.00 per additional IV

Logistic Regression (single IV): $440.00+ $90.00 per additional IV

Correlation (2×2 matrix): $320.00+$40.00 per additional variable

Mann-Whitney test: $440.00

Kruskal-Wallis test: $440.00

Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks test: $440.00

McNemar’s Test: $410.00

Friedman’s Test: $560.00

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): Contact our Stats Team for a custom quote!

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